TEA-PUG 2017 Conference


Welcome to the 2017 TEA-PUG Conference hosted in Kalispell, Montana.  This year’s conference will be hosted at the Red Lion Hotel utilizing their meeting facilities to bring together transportation personnel from around North America for idea sharing and professional development.

It is our goal to provide members of the Technical Committee on Cost Estimating (TCCE), the Transportation Estimators Association (TEA) and the Project Users Group (PUG) information about the conference that will make it as enjoyable as it is educational.

Sound interesting?  Check out this video of 2016’s conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan provided by AASHTO.  Also check out the “Why Attend?” tab above.

Why Attend?

The Transportation Estimators Association (TEA) and Project Users Group (PUG) are seeking transportation agency representatives to actively participate and attend the upcoming 2017 TEA-PUG Conference, September 19-27, 2017 held in Kalispell, Montana.

There are numerous benefits to having your representatives attend this unique event, including:

  • Sharing technology and expertise between State Transportation Agencies and providing on-site software problem solving and best practice sharing with other users and software experts. This directly translates to reducing your agency’s cost and increasing the Long-Term Return on your Investment.
  • Learning methods and processes to effectively plan for future hardware requirements based on the AASHTOWare Project Task Force’s development forecasting, business practice modifications through other agency’s problem solving, and workforce development needs based on software application tools.
  • Ensuring that your agencies have a voice in influencing software development and decision-making.
  • Providing continuing education benefits to participants by engaging with subject matter experts to help with future problem solving.


What are the PUG’s objectives?

  • To provide a forum for a unified voice to direct the course of the AASHTOWare Project software, hereinafter called the products, or any products which may supersede these products.
  • To provide cooperative technical support of the products.
  • To provide input to the AASHTOWare Project Task Force on product effectiveness, product deficiencies, and needed product enhancements.
  • To define product training and support needs.
  • To prioritize maintenance, enhancements, and support needs.
  • To submit recommendations to the AASHTOWare Project Task Force.


What are the TEA’s objectives?

  • Improve cost estimating techniques and publish guidelines used by transportation estimators (cost based, historical based and parametric).
  • Develop innovate new cost estimating techniques.
  • Disseminate experiences in cost estimating and new practices through yearly meetings.
  • Publish a newsletter to transportation cost estimators.
  • Sponsor a yearly cost estimating workshop.